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zazazu club

zazazu club launches only woman-exclusive experience club in singapore

zazazu club

ZAZAZU CLUB is the only woman-exclusive experience club in Singapore. The company is dedicated to creating a weekly unique experience for you.

They consistently deliver best-in-class, global content that pushes boundaries, changes perspectives, sparks conversations or at the very least, shows you a fabulously good time. 

third sugar and spice festival

The third Sugar and Spice Festival takes place from March 23 to 27; with 30 presenters and 12 sessions.

Organised by Dr. Martha Lee, leading clinical sexologist in Singapore, The Sugar and Spice Festival allows a discourse to transform conventional thinking that people raised in traditional societies are unable to express themselves with confidence and purpose when it comes to sex – preferences, attitudes, social discretion and judgement. What are the drivers that compel people to make certain choices in life that have a long lasting impact? 

fig health is hiring a cto

Fig Health is looking for a strong product-savvy, full-stack engineer to join our team as our first technical hire and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 

You’ll take the lead on building a world-class consumer product that will have customers ‘hooked’ and serve as both mission control for users and the core driver of our business. 

While you’ll get to work with a world-class team (ex-Google, Stanford, Columbia, Harvard), you’ll build the product from the ground up and will have complete autonomy over the technical vision and how to make it a reality. Longer-term, you’ll build a world-class engineering team to scale your efforts to democratise access to healthcare for millions of women in APAC.

See job listing here.

In southeast asia, female is a new and rising force in tech

Abstract from a Deloitte Insights research published on 20 March 2021: Signaling a further turn in the tide is the rise of FemTech — female-focused healthcare technology, which includes wearables, apps, and intimate or menstrual care tech products, among others. The companies in this field are mostly led by women who have identified major gaps in tech solutions for women’s health. In particular, telemedicine has enabled women to seek advice on topics typically considered taboo, such as reproductive and sexual health, by addressing barriers such as cost, inconvenience, and social stigma, especially in Asia.

SHE PERIOD joins the 4th cohort of the bridge fashion incubator

The Bridge Fashion Incubator (TBFI) unveiled its 4th cohort for its flagship 16-week fashion incubation programme. A mentorship programme that pioneers sustainable fashion by partnering with mentors and innovative digital resources to help early-stage entrepreneurs become market-ready, network with industry leaders, investors, brand building experts and technology and innovation specialists. SHE Period, a Singaporean startup, co-founded by Maria Clara Batalha and Janayna Osada, is a brand of 100% sustainable period products.

If you have any news of femtech in Asia, let us know here!

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