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let's talk about sex

Let’s Talk About Sex is a two day event discussing all things sex and sexual health. Sign up here!

siena health

Siena Health, a new birth control discreet delivery service has launched in Singapore!

perfect fit

I had the chance to speak with the co-founders of Perfect Fit, Indonesia, yesterday, and these two ladies are lovely, and doing so much incredible work to eradicate period stigma in Indonesia. The company is active in providing education content around menstruation and eco period products. There’s an interview coming up with them, so stay tuned!

let's talk in april

For the month of April, Ferne Health and SHY will be bringing together a series of online and offline events to equip you with the knowledge you deserve to know about your bodies.

Together with medical experts and other forward-thinking sexual health and wellness brands, expect conversations revolving around what’s brewing in the sexual health and wellness scene in Singapore, common myths about our bodies, stigma around experiencing pleasure, and sexual practices for a safe and good time! 

Sign up for the event here.

The Della HQ will be speaking at Panel Discussion: Understanding Sexual Awareness & Wellness in Singapore on the 10th of April, Saturday 3pm. Pre-register here!

first zazazu wellness circle day on 17 apr

“ZaZaZu Wellness Circle” is an exclusive and safe circle to center your attention on self-love and care.  Through these sessions, you’ll learn how the sessions relate to infusing sex into your daily lives.

As part of our ZaZaZu Club Lifestyle launch, we bring to you this ZaZaZu Wellness Circle on the 17th of April to guide you on this tantalising journey. Join us and be part of this movement to normalise sexual wellness. Hear from a local curated skincare brand, a sustainable period cup brand, celebrity personal trainer, or try essential oil blending and also taste some crafty beers. You can either join for a full day or choose to attend any one of the events that speak to you. 

See the day’s agenda here.

If you have any news of femtech in Asia, let us know here!

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