Weekly Roundup 22 Nov

It seems to be a week where celebrity status and sextech gets thrust into the spotlight, and we’re that much closer to seeing sexual wellness in conversation for the masses! And in latest news, we’ve launched our own shop bringing together a list of our favourite products!

Maude closed an additional US$2.2 million

Maude closed an additional funding round of US$2.2 million, bringing its total seed financing to US$3.7 million. The round was led by Cassius with participation from True, Outbound Ventures, Vice Ventures, and Patina Brands.

More here.

Dakota Johnson is Maude's new Co-Creative Director

Dakota Johnson has signed on as Maude’s new co-creative director, focusing on sustainability initiatives and product development for the expanding body-care range. The actor is also an investor, having joined the latest $2.2 million seed round that counts venture-capital firms alongside high-profile people, including choreographer Benjamin Millepied and fashion retailer Steven Alan. 

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Cara Delevingne joins Lora DiCarlo

“I found out about Lora DiCarlo back in 2019, before the brand officially launched, and right from the start I really aligned with the brand’s vision and message, and how they were destigmatizing sexuality and bringing it into the mainstream for everyone,” Delevingne told W, with an emphasis on the fact that “it’s not just for females” to have access to these conversations and products. “Lora DiCarlo is filling the gap in the market, creating products that are gender-inclusive. It’s so important to promote sexual wellness and sexual empowerment for everyone,” she said.

More here.

shop by The Della HQ

The Della HQ has launched a shop/marketplace for sexual wellness brands, bringing together some of my favourite brands that I’ve had the privilege to interview and beyond.

It is my dream to take this further than Singapore, but Singapore, my home, could not be a better place to start this new part of the business and grow my platform.

Visit the shop here.


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