Weekly Roundup: 1 Nov 20

Happy Halloween Weekend!

We’re back with our second ever weekly roundup!

It’s World Fertility Day on 2nd November, and we have a list of fertility tracking apps you can try if you’re a member of the TTC club! We’ll share that tomorrow.

Fermata Singapore

Fermata launches in Singapore, following its success in Japan. It is also the first market outside of the US to retail kegg™.


CLIMAX, from France is a pioneering and innovative online sex-ed series, and has also launched in the UK, with the aim to educate the UK and to achieve pleasure equality for all. In a world where only 39% of women regularly orgasm during sex, compared to 91% of men and where women reported less satisfaction and less pleasure from sexual activity, in a phenomenon called the ‘Pleasure Gap’.


Womanizer’s ‘Liberty’ by Lily Allen is a new collaboration between the brand and the pop star to help us ‘empower and love yourself’. The two have joined forces to launch the #IMASTURBATE campaign, to create an open dialogue around pleasure and sexual fulfilment.  

In Singapore, Liberty is available at Guardian from Monday, 2 November 20 onwards.


First a line of sex toys, now their first ever sex education video series via their Sexual Wellness Center, Pornhub is really upping the game.


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