In 2020, we saw an increased awareness about our mental health and sexual wellness. One of the ways we are seeing this develop is in the form of sexual wellness audio apps.

Do not dismiss these apps as simply audio erotica or audio porn. These apps are a safe space for women and non-conforming folks, who are most of the times left out of pleasure conversations, to explore their sexuality. They are allowed to be curious.

More and more, the narratives are moving towards education, empowering women and the LGBTQ community to own their sexuality, and closing the orgasm gap. In a published interview with Byrdie, Michael Dill, founder and CEO of &Jane and Kampsite, said that “ultimate focus with &Jane and Kampsite has been to destigmatize and reframe the common perception of erotic content by creating a safe space for exploration, satisfaction, and participation.”

At a trying time where one can feel disconnected from society and from self, looking inwards might help us more than we think.


Authentic first-person narratives and storytellers with a variety of sexual preferences, gender identities and erotic experiences. You can follow the storyteller as they share a new story each week. You can also read the stories in text if you prefer. A free trial is available for 7 days.


Dipsea is a female-founded startup and story studio. Designed with the woman in mind, people in the Dipsea stories are empowered in their sexual, social and romantic experiences. It’s safe, positive and full of healthy boundary setting and enthusiastic content.


Ferly is an audio app and also sexual education platform. You can start with a quiz that will tell you your sex personality. The free version gives you access to guided masturbation practices. There is a multitude of audio pieces for you to discover solo practice, partner play and more. The app also carries queer stories. A free trial is available for 14 days.


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