Infertility affects an estimated 15% of couples globally, amounting to 48.5 million couples. Males are found to be solely responsible for 20-30% of infertility cases and contribute to 50% of cases overall.

One in every four couples in developing countries had been found to be affected by infertility.

The numbers are staggering, yet as a society, we don’t talk about it. I personally struggle with it, and I have not been able to find an explanation for it.

It is so easy for women, and couples, who struggle with infertility to feel angry, desperate, and helpless. For some, there is shame and embarrassment around the topic.

World Fertility Day encourages us all to be more open about infertility, and to change how we think about infertility.

To celebrate today and to keep ourselves positive, here are three fertility apps, available in different parts of the world.

breathe ilo

The hormonal changes that naturally occur during the female menstrual cycle alter the carbon dioxide levels in a woman’s breath. breathe ilo measures these carbon dioxide levels and transmits the data to the breathe ilo smartphone app.

Orders are dispatched from the brand’s warehouse in Austria. International customers should check the brand’s shipping policy here.


kegg™ is an intuitive 2-in-1 fertility tracker that lets you discover your fertile window by monitoring cervical fluid. As a woman goes through her cycle, the hormonal fluctuations create changes in the electrolyte levels of cervical fluid. See the science behind kegg™ here. kegg™ also doubles as a Kegel exercise ball. You can opt to do Kegels to exercise your pelvic floor muscles before teach test. Doing Kegel exercises before taking a fertility test can also promote natural lubrication and move the fluids downwards, making it easier for data collection. kegg™ is available in the US via their website and in  Singapore at fermata.


trackle measures your body core temperature at night and calculates your fertility window. The method is much more accurate than using ovulation test strips or measuring skin temperature, as both can vary widely.

There are no shipping charges within Germany. All shipments are dispatched by DHL. trackle ships internationally except to a few countries listed here. It does not ship to the US and Canada.


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