Design Dive: Willa Stoutenbeek

DESIGN DIVE: Willa Stoutenbeek The stark, brave, bold images of strong powerful women caught my eye. Clean lines forming a ‘Y’ shape used throughout the images on Instagram and on their website had me in wide-eyed design envy. I reached out to W. Green, the agency responsible for Yoni’s branding and got connected with agency […]

Yoni period products for the strong bold woman

YONI Designed by W.Green, Yoni is strong and bold for the modern, impressive female. Read our interview with Willa Stoutenbeek, Creative Director of Yoni here. /yoni @Yonicare Netherlands Image credit (shell): Ester Grass Vergara EXPLORE MORE BEAUTIFUL BRANDING AND DESIGN

Luüna Naturals x Ellie Suh

LUÜNA NATURALS x ELLIE SUH This year, Luüna Naturals collaborated with Hong Kong-based artist Ellie Suh to design a special period care storage box that comes with fab stickers, both designed to inspire their commÜnity to be proud of their period rather than feel it’s something to hide. “The box is similar to my style […]