Enya Period Products | Menstrual Care Enya is a pioneering digital period care company with the vision to provide quality care to women everywhere.  Enya was brought to life with the aspiration to provide more affordable and holistic lifestyle options – especially with feminine care. With the right balance of passion and innovation paired with technological […]

Cups of Joie

Cups of Joie Period Products | Menstrual Cup | Intimate wash Cups of Joie is a menstrual cup brand from Thailand. “Around the turn of the year 2020, the Thai postal service organised a donation campaign to send basic necessities, such as clothes and stationery, to young students in the rural countryside. Taresa Bhongsatiern, went […]



Fig At home testing | Fertility At Fig, we believe that every woman should have the tools to understand and manage her reproductive health, proactively, whatever her life goals might be.  We are on a mission to disrupt outdated medical practices by making health screening and education more accessible, more affordable and more judgment-free. After […]



Yesmom AT HOME TESTING The only female fertility hormone test you can take at home. Your test will examine up to 6 hormone levels depending on your birth control. Then, we’ll walk you through taking it at home. Website Instagram Thailand   Back to Directory