IUIGA launches sexual wellness line

IUIGA launches sexual wellness line It may take several years to improve sex education in schools, whether we’re talking about America, India, or Singapore. This sort of change requires much wider cultural shifts which are not easy to bring about, and which governments often are reluctant to embrace. Private enterprise, however, sometimes can start to […]

Dr. Martha Lee

Dr. Martha Lee RELATIONSHIP COUNSELOR & CLINICAL SEXOLOGIST Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching has been working with individuals and couples with all kinds of relationships and sexuality concerns and challenges for the past 11 years. A born and bred Singaporean Chinese, she holds a doctorate in human sexuality, masters in counseling, two other degrees […]

Three online sexual health services in Singapore

THINGS WE LOVE ONLINE SEXUAL HEALTH SERVICES In Singapore, three digital sexual health services launched this year – removing the need to sit through awkward eye contact, judgemental glares, and wait time at the clinic. As someone, like countless other local women, who has gone to sit in the clinic to ask for birth control […]

Tru Company

Trucup Menstrual cup | Period Products | PMS Chocolate The brand’s vision and mission Our vision is to create an inclusive society for menstruators across the world by establishing truth against stereotype, upholding freedom against restraint, and promoting sustainability against wastefulness. Our mission is to revolutionize and sensitize period management through honest communication, motivated conversation, […]

Luüna Naturals

Luüna Naturals MENSTRUAL CUP | ORGANIC COTTON PERIOD PRODUCTS The brand’s mission is to ensure everybody has access to toxin and plastic-free period care unhindered by shame, taboos and misconceptions about their bodies. https://luuna-naturals.com/ Singapore | Hong Kong