Goodparts designed for the modern man – gay, straight and in between

GOODPARTS New York creative collective ABD (short for Associates By Design) is behind this identity for Goodparts, a new men’s wellness brand that’s taking a revolutionary approach to sex and intimacy. Based in Brooklyn, the luxury personal care product – designed to bridge the gap between our sex lives and our personal care routines – not only […]

Tabu designs a minimal menopause sexual wellness kit

TABU Tabu was created by Natalie Waltz, who started Tabu for our moms, aunts, friends, and future selves. Tabu’s mission is to honour and celebrate sexual wellness as we age. In partnership with clinicians, therapists, and (most importantly) women like you, Tabu made The Kit.   Featuring a lightweight, discreet massager and organic, healing lubricant, The […]