Secret Reviewers Club: The Bamboo

Welcome to the Secret Reviewers Club, where people like you, review sexual wellness products for you, over a seven day period. This week, female, Malaysian, 32 years old, retail associate, heterosexual.

Day #1

1130: Just woke up, it’s my off day. Feeling a little tired from work yesterday and a late night hangout with my bestie.

1230: Gonna hit the gym. Not feeling it, but will push myself.

1500: Workout session went surprisingly well even though I didn’t give my 100%! Managed to do a full body workout and witnessing some weird people at the gym (they make me smile somehow hahaha). Thinking about The Bamboo, but I’ll see my mood later today.

1600: Having my meal of the day, eating a lot – I worked hard at the gym and didn’t have breakfast too.

1715: Reached home. Been eyeing The Bamboo, but my landlord is having a birthday party for their son and its noisy outside my room. Meh. Maybe later…

2030: Hungry. I should not eat because of my calorie deficit diet I’ve been on since July, but I’m giving myself a “discount” today! Ordered maggi goreng and large ice milo – sinful and delicious. I regret nothing! Hahaha

2245: Why am I feeling horny but sleepy at the same time? Hmmmm

23:30: Watched some porn to help with the mood as I’m sleepy now and moving The Bamboo around my clit. Love the texture, and the silicone is so soft on my skin, it almost feels like “love”. I turned it on and stayed on the first mode because its the most gentle and I didn’t want to get too excited since I’m still sleepy. Orgasmed once and let it go on for another minute and I ended up orgasming again! Well, I’m going to have a good night’s sleep.

Day #2

1130: It’s my second off day. Woke up feeling good enough to hit the gym!

1230: Going to the gym for a bull body workout as usual and then get a good lunch in.

1500: Bought chicken rice and some essentials. 

1700: Feeling sleepy but horny. Why?

1830: Napped for one and a half hours, and thinking about The Bamboo. I’m in the mood, so I’ll just masturbate and shower right after.

1930: Showered and ready for Netflix and chill. I miss the feeling of having someone next to me, oh well!

2200: Just done with my emotional journalling and I feel better. I wonder if my next boyfriend would be open to know that I have a few sex toys.

Day #3

0830: Just woke up with enough time to shower and get ready for work, but the weather outside is being cruel. Its raining heavily and so cozy – my favourite weather. Feeling slightly horny but too sleepy (always!). This is when I wished I had a man next to me so I could just wake him up, stroke him a little, so he can do me from behind. But I’m single, so I got up, took The Bamboo, lay down, wrapped myself in my blanket and started playing with my clit. The vibration is on level 1 and I do a quickie because I am so damn late to work already!

0950: Left the house knowing I’m already late, but it’s okay, mental health first (girl needs some love y’all)!

1100: Had a simple breakfast and bloated badly. Looks like my period is approaching soon. Ugh, I hate it.

1600: Still bloated. Busy day at the boutique doing inventory and attending to regular customers who needed new outfits. Had lunch/dinner, and still feeling really tired.

2030: Work is over! My breast is so painful now, I’m moody, feeling sad and easily annoyed with people around me when walking to the MRT station.

2145: Reached home and contemplating going to the gym but my titties are saying no. Still in pain, measured my weight, took notes and set goals to bring down my bodyfat percentage.

2300: Showered and ready to retire. My head is having multiple conversations with myself and its exhausting. I need to shut down now.

Day #4

0835: Up and ready for work! The weather is still my favourite and it would be nice to sleep in. But this girl’s got bills to pay.

1030: Had Boost juice and my colleague gave me a cupcake for breakfast. Way to boost my mood in the morning, she is the best!

1500: Had my lunch/dinner (it was rice), and feeling a bit heavy. But it’s good fuel for my gym session later tonight – I plan to lift 60 – 70 kg – it’s been a while.

2015: Finished work and going to hit the gym soon. But I don’t feel like lifting heavy today – will focus on upper body and legs instead.

2400: Getting some chores in, and straight to bed.

Day #5

0945: Off day today and bouldering class at 12:45pm.

1430: Just ended bouldering class! My palm and fingers are so sore – I can’t hold chopsticks properly.

1600: Doing some shopping – my current sports bra is no longer my size. I’ve gone from M to S – that means new clothes! Yay!

1900: At home and doing some chores. My landlord cooked char kuay teow today and she offered me some – I feel guilty but whatever, I’ll eat it later!

2000: Thought of doing The Matrix rerun tonight but thinking of pleasuring myself a little bit too.

2400: I ended up watching Netflix and sleeping – bouldering session was tough today.


Day #6

0830: Getting ready for work and I feel so weak.

1600: It was quite a busy day at work and I had a small bite to save my calories for tonight’s hangout sesh with my friends. I’ll eat a lot then for sure.

2400: Home and I ate too much. But I deserve it, once in a while.

Day #7

0830: Woke up and realised that I didn’t set my alarm! I fell straight to bed last night.

1030: At work, had a simple breakfast and it’s another long day alone at the boutique today.

1645: Had my lunch/dinner and thinking about The Bamboo since yesterday, but my mind is so busy thinking about continuing my studies, and my family. I’ll probably need a mental break with The Bamboo after my gym session later today.

2100: Home from work and off to the gym!

2300: Home from the gym, showered and chilling with The Bamboo. I’m going to try all the vibration levels. The first one is still my favourite, maybe because it makes my clit continuously “feel it” and I orgasm easily too. The rest of the levels are good to play around with as a start, but I always go back to level 1 in the end. I feel good now, my head feels lighter, and it’ll be a good night’s sleep for me tonight.

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