Secret Reviewers Club: ROQ AND IZZY

Welcome to the Secret Reviewers Club, where people like you, review sexual wellness products for you, over a seven day period. This week, it’s special, a couple: female, Australian, 32 years old, Creative Director, bisexual and male, French, 37 years old, Strategy Director, curious.

Day #1

10am – It’s xmas week, we can sleep in.

12.30pm – Oh… a delivery of toys-to-try, yeah the ‘nice’ kind of toys, will come in the afternoon, exciting. That will make a good surprise for her.

3pm – beeep. The delivery person rings at the door. Big smiles on both sides of the door. “Thank you” I say. “Have fun” he replies. I bring the package under the xmas tree. Let’s be a bit patient.

6pm – Sunset time. It’s xmas week, so we get both have a glass of bubbles in hands while staring at the sky’s orange hues.

11pm – It’s a nice xmas tree with many gift packages under. Some are not safe for work 🙂 We need to remember not to open while visitors are with us. Or at least, not any visitor.

Day #2

9.30am – Is it xmas yet? not, but it’s still xmas week, and we got these 2 toys to unpack. Kind of xmas before xmas. We need to test them. Let’s try and play! We agree to open these…

9.45am – … but oops, we’re still in bed and did not reach the tree and its presents. We stayed under the duvet a bit longer for some cuddles. #xmasWeek

10.45am – Sitting by the xmas tree. Looking at the toys packages. Ready? We both unpack one. The boxes are pretty. We got the boxes wrong, so we exchange. She takes hers. I take mine. Wait, is it really the right allocation? Should Izzy be hers or his? It’s her clit for sure, but I love playing with it. Ah ah, we mostly play together, so let’s call them family toys! #genderNeutral

11am – The boxes are easy to open. The toys appear in their pretty container. A pleasing experience, like opening an iPhone with the screen facing the person opening. For further comparison, iPhones also vibrates. The toys are soft. They fit well in our hands.

11.15am – Time to play. She presses on the Izzy, the clitoral vibe. Nothing happens. I try Roq, the ring (not The Expanse’s Ring, a d*** ring…). yeah, it vibrates! Oh no, it stops. No battery in both of them.

Tip: If you plan to offer the toys, find a way to charge them before hand to allow play time straight away.

1pm – We went to play without the toys. They should be charged for tomorrow now.

Day #3

10.15am – Kaya toast time. We will play later.

12.09pm – Back home. She has to dress up for some real life meetings. I take it as a time to give her a hug. I do that a lot, giving her hugs, cuddling her… all the time. So now is also one of these times 🙂

12.12pm – Izzy, the clitoral vibe, is just on the table on the side… Let’s try, it should be charged by now.

12.13pm – “Oh, that feels nice” she says while sensing the first vibration. “Very nice actually”

12.14pm – “More!” she asks while I incorrectly press the stop button while exploring the toy.

12.15pm – I go through the different vibrations available. She prefers the constant ones or those with variations, but not the one having a pause of vibrations every second or so. Why would it ever stop??!!

12.17pm – Breathing a few times and enjoying the feelings.

12.18pm – That was a quick teaser. She needs to go. I leave the room for her to finish getting ready without distractions.

12.25pm – Wait, she’s still in… did she continue playing?

Day #4

9.45am – No zoom calls this morning, we can stay in bed.

10.00am – Should we really try and play with Roq and Izzy this time? How does Roq, the ring, works? She prepares to put it on his… well, ‘ring holder’ would be the apt name? She is not able to slide it down. Oh, it needs to be placed BEFORE he gets hard. Let’s think of something else then.

10.05am – She tries again. The ring goes better than previously. Still a bit rough. She adds some coconut oil and can slide it to his base. “Get up now” she smiles.

10.07am – She helped me ‘get up’ with her secret ‘weapon’ (which will be kept secret for this diary). “You placed it wrong, the nub should be the other side” I comment. “Speak for yourself, it will be perfect for me” she replies. Hmm, I’m still a bit lost, but distracted by her body, I let the topic slips while she activated the vibrations.

10.10am – “Wow I can feel the vibrations all along your penis inside me” she notices. I guess that’s a positive.

10.19am – Resting after love making, the vibration continues, giving her additional stimuli. “I see why you wanted the nub on this side now” I finally understand.

Tip: position Roq the ring based on the expected upcoming body positions 😉

Day #5

11am – She kisses me goodbye as she goes out for the day.

11.30am – After a slow wake up, I realise I’m by myself. Should I try Roq without her? Why not?

11.40am – Wow, the ring impact on blood circulation allows me to feel hardness rarely seen. Even the veins along the member can be felt with fingers.

12.15pm – I decide that I deserve a fancy lunch after such advanced research and testing work.

5.30pm – We meet at our favorite sentosa cafe watching the sunset over the sea. “I met amazing people today; how was your day?” she asks. “I made scientific, vibrating, discoveries” I claim with a big smile on my face.

Day #6

6am – Half awake morning cuddle time.

8am – Awake again… we Netflix and chill.

9am – “bzzz, let’s play with Izzy?” she proposes. “It’s kind of noisy, I want to play with you, just you” I respond while kissing her in the neck

11am – In front of our usual kaya toasts and egg, we wonder about the next Netflix show we will watch, books we will read, and ways to integrate vibrating toys in our intimacy. We agree that it’s cool as a one off, but that it makes too much noise and distract from the deep presence of our bodies. ‘Touch’ is the top ‘language of love’ for both of us after all. “No more toys for us; bare-hands we go”.

Day #7

11am – “Play time? Without toys?” she suggests. Hmm, I oppose “I know we said it’s noisy and distracting… but… it’s fun!”. “Yeah!!” she exclaims.

11.06am – Coconut oil is making her body shiny. I caress her, a full body massage with Izzy in hand, circulating vibrations from her feet to her neck. Of course, Izzy encounters her lips and clit along the way.

2pm – “Didn’t we have a brunch plan?” I wonder. Oops we got lost in our intimate fun. Roq, Izzy, what did you do to us?

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