Welcome to the Secret Reviewers Club, where people like you, review sexual wellness products for you, over a seven day period. This week, female, Malaysian, 34 years old, lawyer, heterosexual.

Day #1

11am: Woke up in the arms of the guy I was seeing… had the luxury of sleeping in today. We fumble around in bed, but I had a long day planned so reluctantly left the comforts and warmth of his bed to head out.

2pm: Met a few friends for a delectable lunch at a new restaurant in town. Definitely coming back!

5pm: Headed straight to a beach club to join my girlfriends, to laze in the sun. Despite the weather reports suggesting a heavy downpour, the gods decided to spare us this evening. What a glorious day.

10pm: Didn’t want the night to end so a few of us ended up heading to a friend’s place where we continued drinking and chatting.

2am: Stumble home and into bed, exhausted but unable to sleep. No harm giving the Womanizer a go. Took it out of its soft satin pouch and turned it on. Took a few tries to get it positioned properly so it was right on the clit. There were different speed settings and I tried a few different ones before deciding to give the ‘autopilot’ mode a go; which meant giving the toy full control of the pace and intensity. Left it to work its magic whilst I made a list of things that I needed to clear at work this week… it whirred gently as it massaged and sucked and the next thing I know, I’m feeling waves wash over me… What is this sorcery? Fall into a deep slumber.

Day #2

10am: Hit snooze… and hugged my bolster tight. Just another 10 minutes…

10.30am: Got out of bed and jumped in the shower. Mentally preparing myself for the week ahead. Did some work.

Noon: Met some people from the committee where I volunteer at and we headed out for a productive couple of hours of handing out Christmas gifts to the less fortunate.   

7pm: Met my girlfriend for dinner, she needed help with leftovers from a dinner she hosted the night before. As I was chatting with her, I mentioned what an incredible sexperience I had with the Womanizer. Voiced my surprise at not having to do anything at all to get into the mood, not even  any visual stimulation, and yet it somehow still managed to trigger such a beautiful and deep-seated orgasm, in mere minutes.

12am: Got home and climbed into bed. Exhausted but the mind was racing. I’ve had a dildo and vibrator which I’ve used for years, but last night’s experience felt unique. Could it have been a one off? Let curiosity get the better of me. But this time I decided I wanted to be in control of the pace… Started slow and played with it a little, increasing the intensity as I went along. Felt close to orgasming but decided to lower it again; there was a delicate balance to be struck between stimulation and sensitivity. Increased the intensity slightly, and couldn’t hold on any longer… and what followed was a blissful end. Fell asleep with a smile on my face. If only I had the Womanizer back when the lockdown started, would have made it that much easier to endure…

Day #3

9.30am: Went into the office for work today. Was looking forward to dinner that evening with the guy I’m seeing and a few other friends. Cooed about the toy over the phone with him, and was thrilled that he was equally excited listening to my experiences and for me to share it with him.

8pm: Dinner at one of my favourite places, with fantastic company. So glad my friends were able to finally meet the guy I had been gushing about; and was interesting to see him interacting with them. Think the dinner went well!

10.30pm: We were leaving the restaurant when I realised that there had been a slight misunderstanding. He had thought I was going to head to his to share the toy with him tonight, but I didn’t realise he’d wanted me over as I was staying at his the following night. We try to decide on what to do as I hadn’t packed an overnight bag. We discuss it for a bit then decide to #yolo (why do I even try to resist this man?), and so we both head over to his and have an incredible time together before falling asleep.

Day #4

9am: Ahhh! Woke up late and rushed home. Had a pretty busy morning with work. Packed an overnight bag as I was going be staying at his. Had meetings in the office that afternoon so headed into the office.

Noon:  Managed to squeeze in a quick lunch with my colleagues. 

2pm: Back to back meetings.

6pm: Meant to head over to meet him and his friends for poker at 6pm but work held me back.

8pm: Show up for poker; was perhaps a little more aggressive in my game, possibly to let out all that pent up stress from work, and won the ‘tournament’! Had never won before, so am thrilled.

11pm:  We head back to his place, where he ravishes me, think he was really turned on by the way I played tonight… Lady luck sure is on my side.

Day #5

9am: We wake up, and he makes us a pot of coffee. I sit in his balcony with my laptop, and attend to a couple of calls. Things haven’t quite let up at work despite it being the end of the year…

Noon: I head home from his and spend the rest of the day working.   

11pm: Fix myself a simple dinner of noodles, then jump in the shower and climb into bed. Pull out the toy which I had thankfully cleaned and charged from the last time. Am not getting addicted to this gadget, am I? Well, work is busy and it seemed to be really helping with my sleep! Put it to work, and this time, leave it on autopilot mode. And sure enough, like clockwork, in less than 10 minutes, I’m there… Hmmm surely it’s time for me to name the toy?

Day #6

9am: Woke up bright and early and told myself to remain focused and power through work so I can enjoy my half day off and the countdown. 

Noon: Still not done with work… but had promised to head over to his place for lunch so head over anyway.

1.30pm: Still working; he’s also running behind on his own things… but is kind enough to offer to whip up salad and fries for lunch.

3.30pm: Slight disaster in the kitchen meant a later lunch than expected but food was necessary to prep for the long night of drinking which awaited us!

5.30pm: We decide to have sex, to get it out of the way. Wanted to be mindful of others and didn’t want to be climbing all over one another in front of everyone else.

7pm: Arrive at the beach club where we meet my friends for dinner.

10.30pm: The restaurant is closing so we pop over to a friend’s who kindly opened his home to us and let us usher in the new year at his condo’s rooftop pool. Clearly our ‘plan’ didn’t work, cos we can’t keep our hands off of one another.

Midnight: Everyone screams “Happy New Year!” before jumping into the pool… drenched and drunk, drinks continue at my friend’s place till.. was it 3am? Your guess is as good as mine.

Day #7

9am: Woke up bright and early, despite the late night the night before. Did some reading on the balcony.

Noon: Weather had been rainy and depressing all morning.

2pm: He wakes up. Texted my friend to cancel plans we had made for later that evening, felt like just lazing. We have a salad for lunch and decide to watch Netflix.

6pm: It’s cold outside and we cuddle… then get a little frisky. He finishes but I need a little more stimulation than the usual. He uses the toy on me, which was tricky as is, as it required a high level of precision in positioning, but made even more so cos he didn’t have sensory feedback. Further, once positioned perfectly, he had then the task of holding it in place which was tricky as it was slippery down there, and I tend to move quite a bit when caught up in the moment. A vibrator would have been far easier to position, as loosely placing it in the general area would suffice (which, sidenote, the Womanizer could easily double up as!) He didn’t let these issues stop him though, and with my guidance, and his resolve, managed to position and hold the toy at just the right spot…

8pm: We head to the pool, despite the light drizzle. Afterwards, we shower and head out for dinner.

Bonus Day #8

10am: We wake up, and sit in the balcony with our coffees and just talk all morning.

2pm: We decide to go to his computer to do some research on bicycles. Motivated to get fit in the new year!

2.45pm: Music is playing in the background, and a song he likes comes on.  He stands up, holds me close and guides me to dance bachata. We dance for a few minutes before he pushes me on the bed. We undress one another and he brings the toy into play again. This time, with less guidance, he manages to position it right, and there’s a gradual build up before I orgasm. He holds it firmly in place, and we lower the intensity… and I’m hit by waves and more waves, riding it out till I’m left gasping for breath. We hold one another and talk about how incredibly consistently I’ve achieved orgasm with the toy, and how it was a guaranteed end. He exclaimed “Robots are taking over the world!” and insinuated slight concern at having to compete with the toy. But sex toys simply could never replace the connection we had, and the intimacy of sex. If anything, the toy complemented and elevated our pleasure and experience to another level.

4pm: Can’t believe it’s 4pm- have a party I’m organising which starts at 4! Text a friend saying “I’m coming” which isn’t too far from the truth. I jump in the shower, and struggle to get dressed cos I was still floating from the high…

4.45pm: Arrive at the party and my friends ask me why I’m late. I just say tell them I’ve ushered in the new years with a bang…

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