Secret Reviewers Club: Me and the Womanizer (Lily Allen Special Edition)

Welcome to the Secret Reviewers Club, where people like you, review sexual wellness products over a seven day period. This week: female, Singaporean, 23 years old, student/retail assistant, demisexual (currently in a long term relationship with a woman).

 Monday 21st December 

12pm: Woke up late from yesterday’s shopping. Feeling lazy so I rolled around in bed and scrolled through Instagram before getting up. 

2.30pm: Feeling hungry so decided to get some lunch from the hawker centre before going for gym. Feeling quite pumped up today. 

4pm: Gym time! Always in a good mood to lift weights. 

6.30pm: Showered and getting ready for online lessons. Feeling a little tired from gym session to focus in class. 

11pm: Cuddling with my girlfriend in bed while watching Running Man. Feeling frisky so we turned off the lights. Didn’t manage to try the vibrator together. Maybe tomorrow! 

Tuesday 22nd December 

12.30am: Girlfriend is asleep. I can’t seem to sleep yet. The vibrator is on my bedside table. Contemplating whether to use it. 

12.45am: Used it! Quick one because I’m worried the noise might be too loud in the middle of the night. 

11am: Woke up not feeling too good. Period decided to come early. Feeling pretty bummed out. 

3pm: Mani + Pedi appointment. Feeling a little worse because nail technician made a mistake and ended up nicking my cuticle. 

6pm: Appointment at the hair salon. Feeling slightly better to chat with my hairstylist-turned-friend. 

9pm: In a much better mood after the appointment and dinner. I tell my girlfriend I’m a little upset about my period because I wanted to review the vibrator with her. She assures me we can use it soon. 

10.30pm: I keep the vibrator in my drawer. I should charge it tomorrow. 

Wednesday 23rd December 

7.45am: Girlfriend leaves for work. Happy to have the bed to myself! 

1pm: Girlfriend returns home. I wake up to the sound of her opening the door. Feeling guilty for sleeping in till so late! Must have been lethargic from my period. 

3pm: Late lunch again. Still feeling crappy so we window shop. 

6.30pm: Back home for online lessons again. I charge the vibrator. Still not feeling great. 

10.30pm: Lesson is over! We start packing for tomorrow’s staycation. I mention to my girlfriend that we should bring the vibrator along for the staycation. She agrees! Feeling slightly better now as I’m 

looking forward to the next two nights. The satin pouch that came with the vibrator is useful for travel. 

Thursday 24th December 

12.30pm: Have been waking up late these days. A habit I definitely need to change. 

2pm: Getting groceries for our staycation. The crowd of people on Christmas eve makes it impossible not to feel frustrated. 

5pm: Checked in to our service apartment! Excited for our Christmas eve dinner tonight. Still a little upset that we might not be able to use the vibrator. 

7.30pm: Christmas dinner at Duxton! Food wasn’t that great but the ambience was okay. Wearing a new dress for the night and received compliments from my girlfriend yay! 

10pm: Back at the apartment. I decide to wear my menstrual cup in case I leak at night. Hmm, maybe I can use the vibrator while on my period after all… Let’s try tomorrow night! 

Friday 25th December 

11am: Woke up and got ready to check out the wet market nearby. Some thosai and chendol would start the day right. 

3pm: We head to the pool. I mention to my girlfriend that we can try the vibrator tonight since I am wearing my menstrual cup. She seems ok with the idea. Will give it a shot later! 

6pm: Time to wash up. Would have been great if there was a bath tub. Seems like the vibrator would work well in a tub since it’s waterproof… 

8pm: We finish making dinner. We watch Running Man as we eat. I hope she’s not feeling too tired from the swim, so we can test the vibrator later! 

11pm: We head to the bed, getting into the mood. I ask her to give the vibrator a try. It was awkward initially as we try to find the right angle. 

11.45pm: I clean the vibrator. I’m glad my girlfriend gave it a shot even though she’s not a fan of toys. This vibrator was probably okay for her since it doesn’t involve penetration. Hopefully the next time she’s more comfortable with it! 

Saturday 26th December 

10.30am: We pack up and get ready to check out. I make sure to keep the vibrator back in the pouch. Wouldn’t want to leave it behind! 

12.10pm: Checked out! Time to grab some lunch and do some shopping. Feeling pretty great after yesterday night’s session. 

8pm: Home! In a good mood after buying a new outfit for NYE. We unpack and I leave the vibrator back on my bedside table. Might use it again tonight but I am feeling a little tired. Maybe tomorrow! 

Sunday 27th December 

11am: Got out of bed. Getting some work done for school. 

12.30pm: Feeling hungry! Girlfriend cooked my favourite dish today so I’m feeling pretty happy. More Running Man during lunch. 

3pm: Feeling pretty thankful for the meal so I give my girlfriend a pedicure together with a foot spa. 

6pm: Took a little longer than expected with the pedicure. Feeling tired but there’s bedsheets to be changed! 

8.30pm: Done with changing sheets and taking a bath. My girlfriend wants to cook some steak so I head to the kitchen to help out. 

11pm: Feeling exhausted after dinner. I want to reach out for the vibrator but my body tells me to sleep. I fall asleep before my girlfriend does; a rare thing to happen! 

Monday 28th December 

6.30am: Girlfriend gets ready for work. Not in a good mood because I have insect bites all over but I fall back asleep anyway. 

10.30am: Woken up by the sound of construction from the unit above. Definitely put me in a foul mood. 

11.45am: The construction seems to have stopped. I see the vibrator. Now seems like a good, private time to use it… 

12pm: Feeling a little better. I’m glad I started using a menstrual cup so I can try out the vibrator. 

12.10pm: Feel like going for a second round. This time, mostly hand-free! 

12.30pm: Vibrator died. Should have charged it the night before so it didn’t die halfway. A little disappointed to stop but feeling much better than before anyway! 

2pm: I keep the vibrator after cleaning it with a toy cleanser. I should probably charge it.. Will do so tomorrow so I can take it along for my new year’s staycation! 

5.30pm: At Sugared for my Brazilian wax session. Still in a good mood from the earlier solo session. 

6.30pm: Home for online classes again. Discussion with group members wasn’t very productive but I push it aside because I don’t want to dampen my mood. 

10.30pm: Lesson over! Still in a good mood overall. Taking a mental note to charge the vibrator tomorrow so it won’t die halfway again! Will have to skip any sex tonight because of the Brazilian wax. 

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