Secret Reviewers Club: ME AND THE PEBBLE

Welcome to the Secret Reviewers Club, where people like you, review sexual wellness products for you, over a seven day period. This week, female, Malaysian, 34 years old, lawyer, heterosexual.

secret reviewers club pebble

Day #1

0730: Urgh it’s MONDAY and it is raining outside. Rainy mornings are the best! I saw the Pebble, reached for it and decided to stay in bed just for a little longer…

0830: All ready for work. Monday, bring it on!

1115: An unusually productive morning. Cleared my email backlogs and it’s not even lunch time yet. Time to treat myself to a cup of flat white at my favourite café before I start on my actual to-do list for the day.

1300: Had lunch at my desk. Outlook reminded me about a meeting later at 4pm which I need to prepare for. Got to focus!

1800: Finally done for the day! Letting my hair down and meeting my girlfriend for a catch up over dinner. What should we have for dinner…?

2300: Home from dinner. We really shouldn’t have ordered the dessert. I’m so full. Time to shower and sleep!

Day #2

0800: Rise and shine…it doesn’t get easier in this rainy weather. Thought about using the Pebble but I might be late if I do. Probably not today.

1030: Got called into a last minute meeting at 9.30am. Glad I wasn’t late to work! Time for a cup of coffee…

1245: I’m starving. Oooh I should try that new sandwich place that just opened across the road. 

1500: Sandwich was just meh. Thank goodness for snacks at the office pantry.

1930: Grabbed some Thai food for dinner on the way home. It’s been an exhausting day!

Day #3

0730: Seems like the rain is easing up a little – I haven’t seen the sun shine in a while! Better catch the sun and go for a quick run.

1100: Finally managed to make a reservation for dinner at the aquarium for Sunday, and I could use my voucher too. That is a WIN!

1400: I’ve been super slow at work today and food coma is hitting hard… Standing up and walking around for a few minutes was helpful. I need to get the drafts out today by 6pm!!!

1800: Phew, done at work! Met a friend for dinner and we had such a great chat. I told her about the Pilates studio that I’ve been going to and she might join me for a class tomorrow!

2330: Finally in bed and feeling comfortable. It’s Pebble Time! Should explore the different modes tonight…

Day #4

1030: Overslept this morning and had to rush to the office. Had to get on a call while on the train…thankfully it is not my turn to present today!

1230: Lunch meeting with customer to catch up and discuss the plan for this year. It’s going to be a tough year but hopefully the market will improve soon…

1600: Team call with the Boss. The call turned into an intense two-hour discussion about employee welfare within the company. So tiring!

1900: Running late for my Pilates class!! Thankfully I made it just in time…

2300: It feels like I was constantly rushing today. Super tired. Going to sleep early tonight.

Day #5

0800: My body is feeling quite sore from Pilates. Tried the Pebble in the shower, so glad it is waterproof!

1130: Jason asked for a lunch date. Why not!

1300: Lunch was fun – we had my favourite Thai food (again!). Jason scored a hiking date next week!

1815: Friends suggested Happy Hour drinks and dinner after. TGIF!!!


Day #6

0930: Sleeping in is my ritual for Saturdays. Finally, I get to take my time with the Pebble and it’s really quite instinctive to use! 

1230: Cleaned the house in time for lunch. I deserve a big pat on the back.

1415: Made a bowl of noodles for lunch with whatever is left in my fridge. Need to start planning my groceries so they don’t end up going bad and getting thrown away!

1645: Mani-pedi time. It’s nice to finally get my feet scrubbed and my nails done.

1900: Dinner plan got cancelled, but thank goodness another friend is free for dinner.

2130: Decided to go for impromptu wine and tiramisu at this fancy Italian restaurant. Had so much fun!

Day #7

1000: Overslept and was late for my Pilates class. Lesson learned: NEVER book a class on Sunday mornings… Grocery shopping it is.

1300: Made a chicken wrap for lunch while watching Netflix.

1600: Managed to squeeze in a little reading and took a 30 minutes nap. Time to get ready for dinner!

2300: Had the most amazing time at dinner. Gonna end today by relaxing with my Pebble… Good night! 

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