Secret Reviewers Club: Me and the Luüna Naturals cup

Welcome to the Secret Reviewers Club, where people like you, review sexual wellness products over a seven day period. This week: female, Singaporean, 30 years old, freelance creative, straight.

Tuesday, 15 December

14:00: We are ten days to Christmas and I am my second week into ‘Kondo-ing the Condo’ – I am done with most of the rooms and left with the master bedroom. I have four hours before my one year old comes back from day care so I need to make some progress.

14:30: I’ve probably asked my husband, “do you really need this? Do you foresee yourself wearing it within the next year?” – like a 100 times but I am making progress even if it’s with four t-shirts.

15:30 I noticed the LUÜNA Period Cup box sitting on my vanity and I wonder when my period is going to come so I can finally use it.

Should be soon, so I take a short break and make my way into the bathroom to the period cup sit in warm soapy water and let it air dry. Can’t help but give it a squeeze, the silicone material feels soft and bendable, I don’t have any initial concerns about using it.

18:00: Baby is home from day care, time to get started on dinner – feeling like something soupy as my mood feels a bit meh. Aunty Flow must be coming soon.

20:00: I text K – “My period has arrived, time to use the LUÜNA!”

20:10: I text K again – “O.M.G, it’s a Cinderella fit!” Is it possible to be obsessed with a period cup because I might just be.

It slipped in easily, can barely feel it moving around. I could get used to this. But the real tester – will my sheets survive the night?


Wednesday, 16 December

04:00: Baby wakes up for milk – I get out of bed and sleep walk through the house to make a bottle in the kitchen. I forgot my period started, because I can’t feel the cup so I didn’t check to see if there was any leakage. Priority #1, sleep.

0800: Baby wakes me up by smacking me in the face (we co-sleep half the night) – he’s eager to go to day care so he can play with his friends. He climbs off the bed to go into the living room to watch Coco Melon (don’t @ me for allowing TV time) while I check for any disasters and get ready for the day.

Result: I still have pristine white sheets, much to mine and husband’s relief.

0805: Having been using another cup previously – removing it can sometimes be challenging as the suction can be strong. However, it’s relatively smooth with the LUÜNA. No spillage and most importantly – no discomfort. I empty the cup, give it a rinse in warm soapy water and insert the cup in again.

Because of the soft silicone material and the dampness of my hands, it takes me a couple of tries to bend it properly and insert it without it unfolding in my hands before I’ve even put it in place.

I get there in the end and finish getting ready.

0930: Baby has been dropped off at day care and I walk back through the park. It’s hot and humid, and I am thankful I moved from using sanitary pads a long time ago. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a “Sweaty Betty”  if you know what I mean. And yes, I am a sweaty individual.

10:00: I make myself a coffee, plonk myself on the sofa and switch on the foot massager my husband bought me for my 30th birthday. It is the best birthday gift ever and my period-bloated legs/feet appreciate it so much.

10:30: I spend the next 30 minutes telling my friends about the LUÜNA Period Cup and its perfect fit.

I tell them they need to get it ASAP and I consider potentially getting it for them. I hold off on the thought until they do a little more research to see if it’s suitable for them. After all, it’s a personal choice.

12:00: I procrastinate watching TikTok videos.

13:00: I give myself five hours to tackle the rest of my husband’s clothes, organise them and start-finish mine. I’ve ‘culled and curated’ my clothes over the last three years but I do it one more time since I haven’t looked at my clothes since pre-pregnancy early 2019. Sigh, I miss my clothes.

18:30: We are ordering in tonight because – well, 50% lazy and 50% I don’t want to eat what’s in the house. So I take the time to jump into the shower, since I am here – I empty the LUÜNA, give her a rinse and put her in for the night.

The one thing I love about period cups is the length of time you can put them in for. My flow is typically not heavy so I only change them twice a day (morning and night. Looking at the blood collected, seems normal – barely reached the halfway point.

21:30: Baby goes down for the night, I should probably do too.

Thursday, 17 December

02:00: Sigh…I am still awake procrastinating with TikToks and pillow talk with the husband.

He asks me how the cup is going – he’s pretty open about talking about it but makes me promise that I won’t remove it in front of him. I agree – we are an open couple about our bodies but some things, can remain a mystery to him.

02:30: Baby wakes up, we bring him into the bed to sleep. We know it’s a bad habit but we love the closeness it brings.

0800: I wake up to the Baby cooing at his toes, waiting for me to wake up. I say good morning and thank him for not whacking me in the face today. I am bursting for a morning pee so I quickly put him in front of the TV and run to the loo.

08:05: Uh-oh, my cup runneth over. How was this even happened?! I pull the cup out and it’s full, full, full! And I notice some leakage on my pyjamas. AH – THE WHITE SHEETS!!!!!

08:10: I jump into the shower to do a bottom half shower wash and quickly rinse and wash the cup.

Of course, the baby who loves a shower hops right in to join me with his pyjamas on. What is even this morning?!

08:30: After wrestling my one year old out of the shower, I undress him and towel us both off. Baby is crying, I am on the verge of. Time to face the wreckage.

08:40: I lift up the duvet cover – and thank god for every unmarked spot I see but alas, there it is – the crimson red spot. My husband opens his eyes, our gaze meets – my face turns red and I say….so…and he groans.

He groans, not because there is blood but because he will have to clean it. Best husband ever.

10:30 I come home having dropped baby at day care, the sheets are in the wash along with my pyjamas and I make coffee for the both of us. He asks what happened – and I tell him. He is amused by my “cup runneth over” joke.

He reminds me of the IUD (copper T) I had inserted recently – and that it was common for unusually heavy blood flow for the first three months. Ah yes, guess I might need to empty it out more than usual today.

12:00: I spend the first half of the morning worried of sudden gushes of overflow. So I take out the LUÜNA organic cotton pad liners which came as part of the bundle for safety measure.

13:00: Hello paranoia, nice to see you again. I go into the bathroom and check the cup. More than halfway full. I give myself a peace of mind and empty it.

Luckily, I am in the comfort of my own home so I feel okay to remove it multiple times today.

16:30: I am almost done with Kondo-ing the Condo! I feel pretty accomplished having cleared the house of clutter before Christmas and the New Year. The house is feeling pretty festive and my mood has improved since this morning.

1730: I use the organic cotton pad liners as a gauge to see if there is any spillage but for the most part, I feel confident there won’t be. 

20:00: I jump into the shower and remove the cup, quarter full. The period works in mysterious ways….

20:30: I dig deep under my bathroom sink cupboard and pull out a travel bag with sanitary pads inside. Desperate times call for protective measures.

21:30: Baby and I go into the bedroom where he winds down and falls asleep. I lie next to him and wait until I can carry him into his cot.

23:50: I fell asleep. I reposition Baby to sleep next to me and we slumber.

Friday, 18 December  

0830: Baby wakes up – we do our usual routine.

08:40: I take out the cup – no blood. This period month has been strange but the minimal days is normal for me.

08:50: Period cup is washed and air drying. I switch to an organic panty liner for the time being. Let’s see if anything changes over the next couple of hours.

10:00: Last look – no blood. Guess I am done for the month. Until next month frien

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