Secret Reviewers Club | Covid Edition

secret reviewers club covid edition

The Secret Reviewers Club is where people like you, review products for you. This week, our reviewer is serving her Stay Home Notice, away from her partner, again.

Monday, 25th January

1830: I’ve just reached the hotel where I will be spending my two-week quarantine in. Quarantine officially starts tomorrow, Tuesday 26th January 2021. Welcome to the ‘new normal’ I think. 

My relationship has officially just shifted into a ‘long distance’ one, yet again, after 3 months together. I feel like sad and I’m exhausted. Bed time. 

Tuesday, 26th January

0900: I am up, I’m up! I’ve cleaned up the room, unpacked, made myself coffee and I wonder why I am being so productive while in isolation? Got to keep the mind active. My sister in law, F, just texted me to say she will be dropping off the Lush 3 Lovense vibrator on Thursday. I am giggling to myself because I’ve never used a vibrator before and I’ve never discussed these things with my sister in law, but hey there’s a first for everything right!?

1300: I do a three-way zoom call with my friends in LA and Singapore. I bring up the vibrator and we have a laugh that I am in quarantine and I get a vibrator to review. It’s actually pretty perfect if you think about it. 

1800: I call up my partner. We have a good chat but we are both still adjusting to the distance. He has just been through a great health scare which is why I spent the last three months with him. I tell him that a bluetooth vibrator is being dropped off at the hotel tomorrow and that It can be controlled by a handphone and even operated from another country. He actually giggled and smiled. He said he can’t wait to try it out with me. That felt nice. At least something to bring us closer together in an intimate way. 

Thursday, 28th January: 

1430: F dropped off the Lush 3. It arrived in a brown paper bag. She left me some SUTIL natural lube as well, which I very much appreciated. She wrote “Have Fun” on the bag.

I hope the staff didn’t take a sneak peek into the bag, I don’t think they realize what kind of ‘fun’ I’d be having in quarantine….

1900: Strangely while being stuck in quarantine, I’ve been dealing with a lot of work and still owe an article for a company and have yet to complete 50 percent more of the writing. Feeling a bit stressed. 

2200: I open up the Lush 3 Lovense. It is so neatly packaged. Just love that! I love things neat with its own place. The vibrator itself is silicone and pink. It’s not shaped the way I had imagined it to be shaped. It comes with a set of instructions and information. Some of its key uses of play catch my eye right away, ‘Solo Play’, ‘Discreet Public Play’ and ‘Long Distance’. I like how it is multi-functional. I take out the lube and rub some on my fingers to test out it’s texture. Its light and not sticky. Just right. I’m so tired though. I place the box away and decide I will ‘explore’ tomorrow. 

Friday, 29th January

0800: The normal routine of a workout during the morning in quarantine really helps with getting things flowing for the rest of the day. I try to keep busy and keep up an agenda. 

1000: I’ve cleaned the entire room today with a mop and a broom. Someone has sent me lunch today. Friends have been so kind to me during my isolation. I’ve been constantly spoilt with snacks, treats and meals not complaining….at all! I look at the Lush 3 and think maybe I’d take an afternoon break today?

1300: FINALLY completed all my work. What a relief. More work will come tomorrow but for now a well-deserved rest? I’m doing the whole “hehehe’ thing in my head. Maybe a little time to pleasure myself? And why not, I think I deserve this! …hehehehe.. but first LUNCH AND NETFLIX.

1400: So, I’m opening up the box again and taking out the lube and all but I realize that I’ve never owned a vibrator before, so I’m not sure how to do this. There are really simple instructions provided how to use the Lush 3. So, I follow them all and get the device working. It’s actually surprisingly easy! I simply operate the Lush 3 like a bluetooth speaker, I connect it to my phone and press a button on the vibrator which is found at the tail of the device and ‘boom’ it starts vibrating. Not only does it vibrate it has a few different vibration patterns!

I am very impressed. However, being a vibrator virgin, I actually have to Google, “HOW TO USE A VIBRATOR”.

1430: I had no idea my research would take me 30 minutes. By this point I feel ‘ready’ and in the ‘know’ of how to use a vibrator to really make it a pleasurable experience for me. Deep breath in. I put some of the lube on the Lush 3. It’s easy to spread and I decide not to connect the Lush to my phone. I’m thinking of only playing with the different vibrations without blue tooth on my first try. 

1500: That was an intense experience! I had never climaxed that fast! What I really enjoyed about the Lush 3 is how easy it is to switch up the different vibration patterns and also, how easy it is to slide in and out of me. The tail also serves as a great extra vibration point outside of me to enhance an orgasm against my clitoris. Unlike a traditional vibrator which is more phallic I shape, the Lush 3 really free’s up my hands making it easy for me to move the vibrator around when it is outside of me. Can’t wait to try out the ‘Long Distance’ settings with my partner.

Sunday, 31st January

1000: I text my partner to remind him to download the Lovense Remote app. That way he can control my vibrator via bluetooth. I’m excited. He texts back to say he will. 

2100: My partner and I have a scheduled appointment to test out the Lush 3 at 10pm tonight. I am feeling a little nervous because ever since we readjusted to long distance, our sexual intimacy has been a little rocky. So, let’s see how it goes…

2300: It went very well! I am more than pleased. We both ‘met’ each other on the app, where there is a ‘chat’ function. His greeting to me was ‘Are you horny?’ and we both laughed. We were also on another app to keep the video on because the Lovense Remote has no video function. We dived right in. I started playing with the Lush 3, gliding it in and out of me. He controlled the wave patterns and rhythms. We communicated openly about what I liked and he experimented with how he thought I would like the vibrations. 

The ‘control’ or perhaps ‘power’ he felt getting to be in charge of the vibrator turned him on as well and we both got off on it, together. That was a very sexually intimate and even emotional experience for us because of the distance. It actually brought us closer.

Tuesday, 2 February 

1500: It’s already 8 days into my Quarantine. But today is probably the lowest. A difficult day to be motivated or do any work. I’m thinking of having a little ‘Solo Play’ with myself and this time connecting it to my phone via blue tooth….

1700:  Just woke up from myPlay and Nap’( lol ) OK, so connecting the Lush 3 to my phone via blue tooth allows me to even curate the vibration patterns for myself. It’s like, having a pleasure device inside you, while gazing at your phone, operating your own eros levels! It’s perfect. There is also music I can turn on via the Lovense Remote App. It made the entire experience really sensual for me. Especially on a particularly difficult day like day 8 of a quarantine where I’m just bout screaming to want to get out of this hotel room…. 

lovense lush 3

Friday, 5th February

2100: Only have 3 more days left in quarantine and my partner and I have set up another ‘play time date’ (hehe) He ends work in an hour so I’m waiting for our 10 pm, patiently…

2300: This date we decided to play with some music. We set ourselves up better so I had him on my computer screen and I used the phone with the Lovense App to connect him to my Lush 3. We were both also wiser on how to use the different vibrational patterns. Thanks to the first try, he knows how keen I am on level 3 Earthquake (yup you’re going to just have to find out what that means for yourself!) The music via the Lovense app set things in the right mood and this time it was even less ‘jerky’ to operate the device. We kind of flowed better with each other and we had a great time playing with each other and him knowing what I liked. He enjoyed watching me pleasure myself and knowing that he had a major part in that ‘control’ of intimacy. It almost felt like, we were in the same room.

Sunday, 7th February 

1000: I check out tomorrow, hopefully (Depending on my Covid test result!) and I am just reflecting on the intimacy and time I got to have with my partner despite being in isolation and despite the distance. I think for long distance couples, one of the most difficult things is maintaining a sexual relationship as most of it has to be done online. I never considered toys before and it was my partner who convinced me to even buy a dildo. However, the Lush 3 is a sex tech toy and it really has brought me closer to my partner because of its technology. I am really grateful for that, and less doubtful or afraid of the distance between my partner and I knowing we can still maintain intimacy such as this, across the seas. 

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