Shining the light on the clitoris

Australia’s leading online sex toy retailer is on a mission to close the pleasure gap between the sexes by focussing attention on the most overlooked element of the female anatomy – the clitoris. is embarking on an extensive four-week TV and outdoor media campaign in October – backed-up by a resolute army of ‘pleasure patrollers’ on social media – to promote awareness of the least-understood part of the female erogenous zone with the aim of narrowing the 30 per cent orgasm gap between women and men (1).

Crazy yet true, but mankind explored the solar system and even managed to map the entire moon years before the full anatomical diagram of the clitoris was completed. 

Still, even today, a survey of 1,000 adult women reveals one-third are unable to find the clitoris on a detailed body chart of the female sexual anatomy (2).

Not only has the epicentre of the female pleasure zone been sidelined from the sexual narrative through poor understanding or blissful ignorance, but it seems a lack of self-esteem or taboo attitudes discouraging sex talk are also contributors.

It’s a far from ideal situation as just over 80 per cent of women declare they need clitoral stimulation to achieve the Big O (3).

Fortunately, the stigma of open sexual dialogue is dissipating as more Australians become comfortable discussing both the intimate details, and intricacies of sex, in the pursuit of sexual wellness, happiness and positive relationships. 

The heroine in the awareness campaign is ‘Cleo’ – a beautiful avatar of the clitoris in all her glory, not just her visible glans above the vagina (which few know represents less than 20 per cent of her total form).

Cleo is partnered with provoking fun facts, such as: she has 8,000 nerve endings delivering OMG sensations to 15,000 other nerves in the pelvis (4), her fully charged shape can grow to more than 7 cm in length (5), and best of all, science declaring she has absolutely no job to perform on this planet other than delivering pleasure. Go girl!

So, of course, we should embrace her and get to know her better.

“The clitoris should be our intimate best friend,” says Vanessa Rose, resident sexpert at “We should get to know her better by discovering where she is, how she works, what she likes and ultimately how she can bring more pleasure to the lives of fun-loving Australian adults.”

Check out the Get To Know The clitoris campaign at or through the Instagram handle knowme_au

For further information contact:
or call Paul Ellis on 0455 344 431


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