Cara Delevingne is now co-owner of a sex technology brand

If there’s one thing you might not have had on your 2020 bingo card, it might be that in these final weeks of the year, we’d enter into another era of the celebrity-endorsed vibrator.

But here we are—earlier this week, Dakota Johnson announced her partnership with a sexual wellness brand called Maude, which makes organic condoms and lubricant as well as sculptural toys, in an effort to destigmatize “the conversation around sexual health” and make it more gender neutral.

Now, Cara Delevingne joins the sexual technology space. Working with Lora DiCarlo, a woman-led sexual wellness and technology company, the supermodel will be named co-owner and creative advisor of the brand.

According to Delevingne, the decision to join the company was a no-brainer. “Lora DiCarlo’s vision represents so much of what I stand for—women-led, femme-focused, and pleasure inclusive,” she said in a statement.

“I found out about Lora DiCarlo back in 2019, before the brand officially launched, and right from the start I really aligned with the brand’s vision and message, and how they were destigmatizing sexuality and bringing it into the mainstream for everyone,” Delevingne told W, with an emphasis on the fact that “it’s not just for females” to have access to these conversations and products. “Lora DiCarlo is filling the gap in the market, creating products that are gender-inclusive. It’s so important to promote sexual wellness and sexual empowerment for everyone,” she said.

Lora Haddock DiCarlo, founder and CEO of the brand, agrees. “What we love about Cara is that she aligns with Lora DiCarlo’s overall mission, which is to destigmatize the taboos surrounding sexual health and wellness in broader society today,” she said. “Cara is unapologetic, approachable, comfortable in her skin, and she champions the cause of women’s sexual health.”

According to DiCarlo, the company is fully committed to making sure everything is gender-inclusive. “Our are beta tested by individuals across different gender expressions, identities, ages, and relationship statuses” so that they resonate “across diverse passions, preferences and anatomies” regardless of gender, she explained. “We’re always interested in new ways to help people of all genders improve their wellness through greater pleasure.”

As for the products themselves, they are the result of a creative mind who has spent over a decade working in the healthcare industry. “I experienced a mind-blowing orgasm, which was from simultaneously stimulating the G-spot and the clitoris to achieve a blended orgasm, and all I could think was, ‘How can I do that again?’ This ignited my journey as a pleasure products entrepreneur with the ultimate goal of introducing the world to sex tech inspired by human movement,” the company’s namesake said when discussing her interest in creating products that give pleasure to people of all genders. “We partnered with Oregon State University’s Robotics & Engineering lab to develop and introduce our award-winning Osé pleasure device. Less than a year after launch, we now have five cutting-edge, patent-pending products on the market featuring robotics and biomimicry.”

Delevingne added that while she has “all of the products” made by Lora DiCarlo and finds it difficult to choose her favorite one, she is “currently loving the Baci.”

The news that Delevingne will now work closely on a brand that develops sex technology products and use her platform to encourage everyone to embrace their own sexuality should not come as a surprise. She is, after all, known for her frankness when discussing sex and gender, and even introduced a piece of erotic furniture into the zeitgeist last year, when she was spotted carrying a “sex bench” (the technical term for the product is Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine) with her then-girlfriend Ashley Benson. Delevingne also recently just signed up to co-produce and host a “high-end” docuseries called Planet Sex, which aims to open up her audience’s minds about differing notions of sexuality and gender, as well as feature the supermodel throwing “herself into experiments conducted by world-leading sex labs.” Developing sex toys (amongst other things) only seemed to be the natural next step for the multi-hyphenate.


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