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Saffron C – It’s a blessing to help other women

“I knew I needed another way, I could not be on birth control pills anymore,” said Ayobami Durosinmi, vibrant founder of Saffron C, a maker of 100% plant-based feminine care products, who was diagnosed with sexual dysfunction in 2018.

In early 2018, after the birth of her second child, Ayobami started birth control pills. With it, she started having serious acne, her libido dropped, she sometimes had such severe pain she could not get out of bed. She asked her friends if they had the same problems while on birth control pills, and they told her it was normal, they too experienced a drop in the desire to have sex too, after giving birth. On top of that, she was a new mom, with another child only 13 months older, pursuing a Masters in Epidemiology.

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Some 10 months of consultations with her doctor only resulted in five changes of birth control brands. “I was in a dark place,” Ayobami said. She felt like she could not provide as a mother, the negative side effects of birth control pills were taking a toll on her mental health and overall wellness. She was later found to have hormonal imbalance, for which the prescription was – you guessed it: birth control pills. Or hormonal therapy, appointments with a sex therapist, and other lovely ideas.

At that point, in November, 2018, Ayobami, who had always been interested in women’s health, changed her major to exactly that, and took matters into her own hands. She took a deep dive into everything sexual health, and found the secret to healing sexual dysfunction.

Natural healing was the answer. She started using herbs and fruits to develop concoctions that she would test on herself. “I made them in my kitchen, and the success was mindblowing. I fixed my libido and my life.” She is now also a certified yoni practitioner and holistic herbalist.  

A healthy sex life and high creative energy have a symbiotic relationship, so I do not doubt Ayobami’s words.

Saffron C remedies from home kitchen to retail brand

Coming from Ibadan, Nigeria, natural remedies were a part of life. You can cure a headache with ginger, or a cold with peppersoup. During one of her herbalist course sessions, the students were asked to taste herbs that were used to calm and relax, she took a bite, and was surprised. “That’s holy basil!” a herb she had taken one too many times only as a natural laxative.

I ask her if she uses mostly African herbs in her products, and she says she only does it when it’s a familiar herb, and she is sure of its effectiveness, such as kola nuts, used in her products for men, and chewed by the male elders in her hometown. She had always seen it, but only learned about its energising properties in her herbalist studies. For her women range, she is more experimental, especially because she is able to test the recipes herself.

The word could not be kept silent; friends and family found out about her Saffron C natural remedies and wanted the same transformation for themselves. From her home kitchen, Ayobami blessed those around her with energy and clarity not only in the bedroom, but also in other aspects of their lives. In turn, they regaled her with stories not of how they sleep on different ends of the bed with their partners, but instead of how vigorous their sex lives now had become. When her kitchen got too small, in June, 2019, the ex-attorney commercialised Saffron C.

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Post-Saffron C, I am that person

Before Saffron C, Ayobami had little clue of the world of femtech and sexual wellness, in which she is now a growing startup. Post-Saffron C, she says, she has gone from not even knowing that sexual dysfunction was a thing, to now being that person in the aisle, at the pharmacy, reading every label of every feminine care product, buying only organic and hypoallergenic, enthusiastically recommending them to her friends.

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With her own brand, she expresses the same energy and strong belief, even going as far as to offer a full refund on her Saffron C Balls (insert them into your vagina, and they dissolve overnight) if the customer does not experience a tighter vagina and more supportive pelvic floor muscle after going through four balls. I want to ask her how it makes the vagina tighter, but I decide to let the mystery linger. A little magic is nice sometimes.

Two is usually enough to feel the effects, and no refunds have been made to date after 5,000 units. Glowing customer testimonials sing the product’s praises. And Ayobami is proud, because this is the product that she personally considers her biggest achievement.

However, the customer favourite is the Yoni Syrup, touted to ease smell and dryness. “Sometimes, women just want to taste sweet,” Ayobami adds. Although she is quick to point out that a syrup will not cure underlying vaginal health issues and that one should always practice good hygiene. Sure enough, as we are speaking, two orders come in and one is for the said syrup.

In the world of femtech and sexual wellness, where the next company is increasingly more hi-tech than the last, sometimes it’s nice to just go back to basics, and be loudly, proudly woman.


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