The light is speaking

I first saw, and heard, light language on an Instagram account. That same practitioner also speaks a lot on divine feminine energy. I would say in simple terms it means… but putting it in simple terms seems to devalue the term.

The term “light language” is so used because the speaker appears to be channeling light language from other beings in other realms, or from their higher self. It’s an energy and a calming beauty, a multidimensional language that resonates with your vibration.

I know. It’s hard for me to grasp too, but keep an open mind.

The next time I heard light language, it was in real time, on a Zoom call, with a friend of mine, Hani Cheng, that I had asked to interview for The Della HQ. I had been following her social media accounts for some time now and noticed she had opened her own company, Synchronistic Wealth. I was curious, I can’t put my finger on it, but perhaps it was meant to be. And you’ll see why later.

Synchronistic Wealth helps transforms anyone into their authentic and aligned self, to level up their success. Hani told me that she knew this was what she was meant to do, after finding her voice, literally, in a meditation session. She had been on a journey to naturally heal a health disorder that she had struggled with for 15 years. She found no answers from medical professionals to therapists. In this intense meditation session, Hani said that there was a point where it was so quiet, she could hear her body breathing.

Are you ready?

She asked herself “are you ready to let this disease go?”, before she finished the question in her head, a voice from deep within, a voice that sounded like the true version of herself, rose up from the bottom of her womb, and said yes.

She paused after this part in the story. As if reliving the moment again, and it was obvious she could still feel the remnants of that blissful moment.

That struck me. In a previous interview, I learned from Megwyn White, Director of Education at Satisfyer, that in the mysterious realm that is our body, nerves run on sound. The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body, and it is directly connected to the cervix and the uterus. Making deep, moaning sounds from the depths of your abdomen can give better access to the depths of the yoni.

Back to Hani.

She tells me that this moment of transformation she experienced during that deep meditative state is what her work centers around now. Hani is committed to serving liberated leaders to access all areas of wealth in clarity, sensuality, love and abundance. In her courses and coaching sessions, she engages the use of quantum energy to clear the path of negative energy, keeps them on this path of true alignment, and has also developed a meditation technique where the participant can experience the same sense of clarity. Her work is seen particularly amongst women leadership circles, from Singapore to Silicon Valley.

Our pussies are powerful

She tells me that our society is trained to believe that our heads is more powerful than other parts of our body, like our hearts, or our pussies even. Yes, now you’re talking.

For centuries, in ways big and small, society has made it difficult for women to succeed. Whether we admit to it or not, we are conditioned to think success is only allowed after years of hard work and jumping through hoops. If success comes easy, we reject it – it’s too easy, it can’t be right. But success that comes easily is possible, we just need to be willing to open ourselves up to succeed.

Opening up for success begins in opening up ourselves to the energy of receiving and creativity. These energies are most potently felt and embodied in the most sensitive part of the female body, the clitoris.

Increasingly, I have been seeing a link between sexual energy and creative energy – sexual transmutation, the process of converting sexual energy into energy of another nature, usually for the purpose of creation or other life-affirming action. More proof that the female divine centre is our root and guiding force.

Do you want to listen to the light?

We go back to chatting and I am suddenly reminded of the Instagram account where I first encountered light language and I ask Hani if she knows of it. Something made me ask.She says yes and asks me if I want to hear it.

Of course I do.

She tells me to relax, but I already am. She begins, and the sounds are so soothing, I feel them in the deep portions of my heart, and at the end, I make an “ahhhh” sound along with her. Did I feel some vibrations too?

We end the call shortly after, and if I’m being really honest with you, I had no idea how to approach this article. It was not a straightforward question and answer interview. I felt like it was more.

I file this story away and two months later, I connected with Hani again and found myself apologising for having not put up her article yet because I had revamped my website right after we spoke, like I had suddenly got clarity.

Yes. Clarity. I shocked myself slightly. I didn’t know it then, but this was the universe telling me I needed to reconnect with Hani the first time I did. Since that call, my business has just been telling me what I have to do with it, instead of me driving it. And thank you Hani, for being so generous to share a bit of what you do with me.

If there was so much power in such a short moment, I can only image what we can truly be capable of.