Zurina Byrant

Meet Zurina! She’s a bubbly multitasker who knows anyone and everyone!

Hi Zurina!

Please tell us your name and profession.
Hi! I’m Zurina Bryant, I’m both a Project Manager and Entrepreneur. During the day I work at Breathe Pilates as their Studio Manager, by night (and weekends) I co-own IB HQ Singapore (a bar) with my husband and also quite recently started a new business called Chit Chat Online.

Describe your job/business/brand in your own words.
Obviously with these three hats I spend a lot of my week working – but I do love my life and the variety and experience they bring to my week.
IB HQ Singapore is a boutique bar, a small intimate space. We specialise in using locally sourced ingredients and like to find ways to use them creatively. Chit Chat Online was created to allow students and young adults to have access to experts in various industries. To have conversations with them about their future plans.

What do you love most about your work?
I enjoy putting systems in place, connecting and working with people.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in your work and how did you overcome them?
I think as an Entrepreneur, one of the things you always have to work hard at is to fund new projects. Having the right balance in the bank so you can work well and live well.

Share some words of encouragement/motivation/wisdom for other women!
Always remember to take time for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in all the day to day items that need to be done. From your work to-dos to looking after your family needs. It’s really important to take some moments for yourself too.

What is your self-love routine?
I do pilates, I treat myself with nice meals (preferably with good company) and have the occasional massage!

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