Menstrual care & Period products


Aisle Reusable menstrual Pads | sustainable period products In 1993, the brand launched the first line of modern reusable period

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BP3 Underwear

BP3 Underwear Period underwear | Incontinence underwear BP3 underwear offers unparalleled protection against all leaks – from menstruation to incontinence

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Trucup Menstrual cup | Period Products | PMS Chocolate The brand’s vision and mission Our vision is to create an

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Sex toys


Koochy Sex toys | Online shop In this big bad world of endless products and websites, we found ourselves searching

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Zazazu Sex toys | Online Shop | Multi brand shop | Personalised curation At ZaZaZu, we believe sexual wellness is

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Sexual health

Ferne Health

Ferne Health Femtech | Sexual Health At Ferne Health, we introduce modern services to screen sexually transmitted infections and encourage

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Sexual wellness advocates

Janice Lee

Janice Lee Sexual wellness advocate | Business development Consultant Janice Lee’s mission is to #makelove greatagain. As a firm believer

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