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Cups of Joie is a menstrual cup brand from Thailand.

“Around the turn of the year 2020, the Thai postal service organised a donation campaign to send basic necessities, such as clothes and stationery, to young students in the rural countryside. Taresa Bhongsatiern, went to donate her clothes and stationery. There, the lady working at the post office helped Taresa repack her items for sending, while she told her a story about another lady who had come in to donate boxes of sanitary pads.

That struck Taresa. Before that moment, she had never thought about the lack of access that young female students in rural Thailand have to period products. The problem is real, and while it is widely unnoticed in the rest of the world (which may think of rural Thailand as scenic rolling rice paddies), it has even taken political undertones in the country.

In 2019, Ketpreeya Kaewsanmuang, a spokesperson for the Puea Chat political party took to social media and claimed that sanitary products are considered a luxury good in Thailand, and are subject to 40% excise tax, making them unaffordable for most people in the country. The Excise Department has clarified that tampons and pads are not classified as luxury goods and only subject to value added tax.”

Read our interview with Cups of Joie here.


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